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ADKit represents the modern family of SCADA systems that support fully integrated standalone module technology, all modules are hot-plug where any module can be installed, upgraded and removed separately without affecting the operation of the system operation, all modules work together seamlessly and can be used to create any type of industrial automation solution, Including SCADA visualization, historian, remote monitoring of mobile devices and beyond, to enable users to add features such as directions, schedules, mobile access, SMS notifications for alarms, transaction management, advanced logical systems, project management and much more. ADKit is a powerful and reliable solution in multi-module software packages that evolve from a standalone HMI system to a distributed solution. ADKit, HMI is suitable for batch and discrete plant and application processes managed in a single software solution with real-time data providing a complete industrial automation solution. ADKit provides easy visual ability for user to move and configure objects without writing any code based on Graphical Object Orientation (GOO) technology which will give designer about 60% engineering effort and time to build applications due to ease of use. ADKit interfaces with many field devices and a manufacturing plant information system. ADKit provides operators with responsive visualization, flexible analysis, flexible analysis, and powerful reporting tools.

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